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This solution is suitable for any bathroom environment and will enhance your comfort and the hygiene of your bathroom. WC007 is a revolutionary system that avoids the diffusion of toilet odours in the surrounding area because it blocks them right at source.
It is the answer to a big problem: the problem of bad odours emanating while and after using the WC, and it benefits both the user and those entering the room afterwards.

How does it work?

WC007 is installed between the wall and the WC (external models) or in the inside of a in-wall concealed reservoir tank (model IC). It is connected to and perfectly interacts with the pipes coming from the tank, the WC waste outlet and the WC.The result is that bad odours are drawn away into the sewage system or into the existing air vent pipes.

Unlike deodorants, WC007 does not mask odours but neutralizes and removes them at source without employing chemicals or filters of any kind. The device only activates when it detects one person on the WC; in this way, the already reduced energy consumption is restricted to a few minutes a day, and does not depend on any other use of the place in which the device is installed.

WC007 was born from a simple idea and is improving day by day in order to face all kind of needs and situations.


Power supply: 230Vac 50Hz, 24Vdc.
Overall dimensions (external cistern models): 368x392x110mm approximately.

Should you require any further information, please refer to the content of the installation guide in the products ' Download ' section.

Schematic drawing

Discover which model suits you the most.


Model S, for wall-hung WCs with concealed reservoir tank.

Model PMI, for floor-standing WCs with concealed reservoir tank, and wall waste outlet.

Model IC, for any WC with concealed reservoir tank, and wall waste outlet.

Other models, designed for any type of water supply pipelines.